What to Bring

To ensure a comfortable and productive course for yourself and your fellow students, please see the items listed below.



Please bring: pillowcase, bed sheet, blanket cover and blanket. A small buckwheat pillow and mosquito nets are available at the centre.  The dormitory provides basic air conditioning and heating facilities.

The weather in Hong Kong is humid with a hot summer and cold winter. A clean sleeping bag is recommended, especially in the winter.



Please bring: toilet paper, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, shower toiletries, sanitary supplies, shaving kit and unscented deodorant.

Please do not bring: perfumes, essential oils, scented creams, makeup, aftershave or any other products with strong scents.



Please bring: seasonal and comfortable clothes and slippers. Clothing must be modest as described in the Code of Discipline. The length of pants and skirts must reach your ankles, and must be at least calf-length when sitting.

In spring and fall, please prepare for both cool and hot weather. The centre only provides basic hand-washing and drying facilities and you will need enough clothing for your entire stay.

Please do not bring: tight, transparent, revealing or conspicuous clothing (such as shorts, skirts, tank tops, sleeveless or tight-fitting clothes), and clothing that may produce excessive amounts of noise from movement (such as nylon wind-breakers). Tights or leggings should only be worn under a knee-length top or skirt.


For Meditation

Please bring: scarf or shawl (ideally covering the whole body). Meditation cushions are available at the centre but you may bring your own if you prefer.


Other Items

Please bring: a water bottle, tableware (i.e. a bowl, a plate, a cup & cutlery) & umbrella or raincoat, torch with batteries, unscented mosquito repellant, and a travel clock.

Please do not bring:

Personal food

Books, stationery, radio, laptop, tablet, MP3 etc.

Tobacco, alcohol, sleeping pills, tranquilisers, any sedatives or illegal drugs

Religious items such as amulets, crystals, rosary beads etc.

Clothing or items made of animal fur or skin

Jewelry or valuable items (wallet and mobile phone will be safe-kept by the centre during the course)


Please Note

Property is kept at the centre at your own risk. The centre is not liable for any loss or damage to property however caused. Please bring items appropriate for the season. Rain gear is always advisable.